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Sensonetics -
revolutionary plastic melt transducers

Sensonetics combined Pressure/Temperature Transducers utilise State-of-the-Art, Silicon-on-Sapphire (S-O-S) technology which has rapidly established a proven track record for accuracy, reliability and durability in the plastics industry.

Sensonetics Plastic Melt
Sensonetics Transducer
The Sensonetics sensing diaphragm is manufactured from Sapphire; a single crystal aluminium oxide which is the hardest of the oxide crystals and is chemically inert. Sapphire is extremely well suited to diaphragm use. It has a modulus of elasticity 30% greater than stainless steel and is five-times more abrasion-resistant than tungsten carbide. The Sensonetics sapphire diaphragm is 5 to 8 times thicker than the standard stainless steel diaphragms used in mercury-filled transducers. In Silicon-on-Sapphire technology, the structure has virtually no hysteresis and provides excellent repeatability and long term stability, unlike stainless steel. Furthermore, the transducer incorporates a highly accurate temperature sensor mounted at the tip, protected by the Sapphire diaphragm. This provides the desired in-line temperature measurement without the need for a separate intrusive temperature sensor. This is the perfect alternative to Dynisco and KMK transducers.